I’m the rare photographer who actually likes being in front of the camera. As a kid in the 90's I loved that my mom or dad could use their camera to preserve a moment so I could see it all over again once the film was developed and the pictures were printed. And I loved seeing myself in those tangible moments. I think it made me feel like I was famous or something.


It wasn’t long before I started wanting the privilege of taking my own pictures. I wanted to decide which moments got preserved forever, and I also think I just wanted a turn with the cool gadget I saw my parents using. I went from being self-taught on our first little digital camera, to darkroom photography classes in high school, to a digital photography minor in college.


I know not everyone likes having their picture taken. And unless you really are famous, you’re probably not used to being photographed professionally. It’s always my goal to make you feel comfortable so I can capture you as you are in this moment. My style of photography is true to life with bright, natural colors and minimal “Photoshopping.”


I’m a Fort Wayne native and a 2010 graduate of Concordia High School. There I was a member of the theatre department and the marching band. It’s also where I met my husband, Brad. I have a B.A. in communications, and during the week I work part-time in the marketing department at Messenger Stationery. Brad and I live in Fort Wayne with our cats, Tiberius and Paisley, and our son, Walter, who joined us in 2020.


I love Coca-Cola and meat lovers’ pizza. I’m really not a dog person. I have several (cat-safe) houseplants and a variety of succulents who spend the winter in our spare room. As a kid I wanted to be an author and a mom when I grew up. August is my favorite month of the year, and summer is objectively the best season. When I say I love the ocean, I’m thinking of the rocky beaches of southern Maine.

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