• Dani Eberbach

Making Portraits Fun

It’s probably obvious that I love taking pictures of people. I love how each person I photograph is unique and each person adds their own special touch to the photos I take—their personality, sense of style, and the way they interact with their environment.

However, I do know that it can be hard to get comfortable when you know you’re being photographed. And I want you to be comfortable because when you feel at ease, you have more fun, and your portraits show it!

So here are a few tips from me that will help you relax and have fun during your portrait session.

Bring a friend

When you have a friend (or sibling, or parent) along with you, you’ll naturally feel more comfortable. Your friend can help you out by carrying your purse, jacket, any extra items you brought with you as props, etc, as well as talk with you and make you laugh. Another person can give you something to look at besides the camera in your face. Sometimes the best pictures happen when you don’t even realize you’re being photographed!

Bring a prop

Sometimes one of the hardest parts about being photographed is knowing what to do with your hands. I can help you, of course, and suggest poses for you, but having a familiar prop with you helps solve this problem. Plus, a prop gives you something to interact with and can make for some unique photos. A prop can be anything from an article of clothing (scarf, jacket, hat) to a piece of sports equipment or musical instrument—it can even be a pet!

Bring a smile!

And by this I mean (besides the obvious) that you should come prepared to have fun! I’ll do my best to interact with you and put you at ease during your session. Talk to me, tell me about yourself, let me hear your ideas! If you come ready to have a good time and try some different fun poses and locations, you and I will both have nothing but fond memories of your portrait session—not to mention some great photos to show for it!

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