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My friends Ethan and Abby had a baby girl back in February. They wanted some cute portraits of their new baby, and I wanted to venture into baby and family photography, so it worked out perfectly for me to spend a few hours one morning photographing Riley.

It was a chilly, wintry morning in early April, the kind of morning that happens a little too often here in northern Indiana. We had hoped to do some photos outside, but the sleet/snow/drizzle kept us inside so I made use of window light in Riley's nursery and in the family room.

Baby photography is so different from other portrait sessions. Babies don't understand the social norms like "look at the camera" and "hold still while I take your picture." They're also much harder to predict than grown-ups. Sometimes babies are cranky, or hungry, or need to be changed, and there's not much to be done except take a break from photos and let mom fix the problem.

But the big advantage of baby photography is all the cute photos that come out of it. Is there anything cuter than tiny little toes? Another advantage is that there's no need for a large studio space or for mom and dad to clean the whole house (or living room) to create a suitable backdrop.

All you really need is a couch. A couch, and some window light.

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