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Bryce & Mallory | CLHS Prom Pictures 2016

Prom night was cold, windy, and just a little drizzly this year. So instead of taking photos at Salomon Farm as we had planned, we decided to go to my trusty indoor venue, the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne.

The only problem with taking prom pictures in the Grand Wayne Center on prom night was that we weren't the only group seeking shelter from lousy weather. That meant there was some competition for shooting locations. We had to wait our turn a couple times, and get creative with angles and backgrounds to keep other groups out of the shot.

I had fun taking Bryce and Mallory's photos. Even though the Grand Wayne wasn't our first choice, I do love it as a venue for portraits. We also spent some time in the adjoining hotel atrium and used some of the fancy hotel decor as a backdrop for pictures. I loved taking pictures in the hotel! I hadn't used it as a venue before but I will have to use it again sometime!

You can find more information about my prom portrait sessions on my website. Contact me if you're interested in signing up!

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