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Beauty and the Beast, Jr. at ESM

I got to photograph another elementary school play recently. This time I went to Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School to see their dress rehearsal of Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

I rented a lens from our local camera store to use for this project. I'd been wanting to try this lens out for a while - the Nikon 70-200 mm f/2.8. It's a zoom lens that not only has a great range but also does a great job handling low light situations, which is great for photographing plays.

The kids looked and sounded great, which really helped me out since I was trying a new lens for the first time. Having a big zoom lens really made it easy to get nice close shots of the action onstage without having to be up in front of the audience or right in the actors' faces. The challenge of using a giant zoom lens is that it was super heavy and hard to carry around after the first few songs.

This was another successful photography project. I love being able to participate in and support the elementary school theatre programs. Next time I use the big lens, though, I'll remember to bring a monopod along so it doesn't get so heavy.

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