• Dani Eberbach

In Appreciation of Farm Sunsets

I know it's sort of a cliché to post pictures of sunsets, but some of the sunsets at the farm are just too fantastic not to share. No two are ever the same.

These are the sunsets that remind me of when I was seventeen. I was in high school, my husband and I were new to dating and to each other. We were learning to love. I remember sitting on the farmhouse porch with my husband, before he was my husband, watching lightening bugs appear over the corn or soybeans or empty field as the sun went down behind the distant trees and silos.

The horizon is always the same. In all my sunset pictures I recognize the same two trees, the telephone poles, and the silos on the farms across the road beyond the field.

Sometimes I think I forget that the midwest is a beautiful place. The corn and soybeans and flat fields of Indiana are so commonplace that they become boring and uninteresting if I don't stop to take a look. It's fantastic that one sky can wear so many different colors.

Someday we hope to have kids of our own who can enjoy the country life out at the farm. And we look forward to ending many more summer days under the glow of a new and familiar sunset.

I love using the Indiana scenery in my senior portrait sessions. Northeast Indiana offers such a diverse selection of landscapes. View some of my portrait work in my gallery, and see how I work with my subjects to make them at home in their surroundings.

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