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The Odd Couple by the CLHS Alumni Players

I've mentioned before that I was a drama kid in high school. I had several roles onstage, and numerous roles on the stage crew and in the sound booth for about fifteen different productions throughout my four years in high school. The drama program at Concordia High School is phenomenal. One of the things I missed after graduation was performing onstage, working backstage, and collaborating with other members of the department.

The summer alumni show was started four years ago by our drama director as a way to bring back graduates who were interested in getting back together to perform again. It was a great success. This summer's show was Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, and it was fantastic. Since the show has a small cast with only two female members, I wasn't onstage this year, which gave me the opportunity to be the dress rehearsal photographer.

This year the alumni show was performed at the Downtown Allen County Public Library, due to some renovation work going on in Concordia's own theater. I had never been in the library's theater before—and actually I had no idea it even existed until this summer—but it's a really nice auditorium! It's located on one of the library's lower levels, which is probably why I'd never seen it before.

This was the first time I had seen The Odd Couple performed live. I read the play for a high school English assignment, and at some point I saw the first half of the movie, but it was great to finally see the whole live version of the show. Our leads, Matt and Aaron, were hilarious. (And the rest of the cast was great too!)

The set designer and stage manager were CLHS graduates as well, and their attention to detail made the set come alive like an additional character on stage. The furnishings and decor in Oscar's apartment were authentically retro—the television set, the coffee maker, and there was even a lava lamp.

And here's the "unofficial" cast photo—a bit more accurate than the "official" one!

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