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Bryce / Senior Pictures

I recently got to take my brother-in-law's senior pictures. He loves hiking and the outdoors, so we (me, Bryce, his parents, his girlfriend, his sister, and the family's new puppy) took a small excursion up to Pokagon State Park for the photo shoot. We had hoped to make an afternoon of it, but the day was overcast and drizzly so we just went up for a little while to take pictures.

Despite the drizzle, it was gorgeous at the state park. The rain made the colorful leaves look fresh and vibrant, and the deep shadows from the clouds overhead added a lot of depth between the trees.

Male portrait on wooded trail at Pokagon State Park
Portrait of high school guy sitting in tree

The theme for this photo session was, of course, the outdoors, and making Bryce climb on top of things.

High school senior guy in letter jacket by wooden bridge

Male portrait sitting on cabin roof at Pokagon State Park

I haven't spent much time up at Pokagon, but I was glad to find a bunch of great spots for photos. The state park has more than just woods and trails. It has a little shelter house, rocks, trees of all shapes and sizes, and a bridge with some great colors in its wooden beams. There were just enough leaves down to give the ground a great fall texture, but still enough on the trees to offer a subtle colorful canopy.

Fall senior pictures in woods at Pokagon State Park

I'm really happy with how the photos turned out, even with the less than ideal weather situation, and a very excited puppy running around underfoot. The best part was how well Bryce just "fit" in with the scenery. Putting the subject in a setting where they're comfortable always brings out the best in them, and in their photos.

See more of my portrait work in my gallery, and see how I use different locations for different subjects. If you're interested in learning more about my portrait sessions, read about my session experience or just send me an email!

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