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Riley / 1 Year

Riley just turned one, and I got to take some portraits of her in honor of her first year. Her parents and I went to the Botanical Conservatory in downtown Fort Wayne to take advantage of the warm atmosphere and vibrant plant scenery. Plus, we also thought Riley would enjoy looking around at all the flowers. She did like the flowers, but the waterfall was her favorite.

The last time I photographed Riley, she was only a couple months old and she cried the whole time. This time there wasn't any crying, but now that Riley can walk, she's constantly on the go. There wasn't a lot of posing involved in this session. Riley's parents guided her around the garden and let her explore. I stayed a couple steps ahead so I could photograph Riley as she discovered each new area of the gardens.

Riley is so curious and engaged with her surroundings, which is great for learning and playing, but not great for getting a lot of photos of her giving the camera a big smile. (I was able to capture maybe one or two of those, with help from mom standing behind me.) But I think the candid photos we captured are just as good, if not better. The candid portraits really show off her spunky personality.

Thanks to Riley (and her parents) for letting me follow her around with my camera for an hour! I had a lot of fun capturing this spirited little lady.

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