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I almost can't believe the weather cooperated for Collin's photo session. I was watching the forecast pretty closely in the week leading up to the session date, and it seemed like the prediction for rain just got worse every day. By the day before, I think there was a 100% chance of rain throughout most of the afternoon. We adjusted the session time according to when the chance of rain was least likely, and met at Concordia Seminary around 2:00 in the afternoon under an overcast sky.

Male senior portrait with overcast sky

The ground was squishy and muddy from a week of rain, and there was occasionally some light drizzle throughout our session. As ominous as the sky looked, it did make a great backdrop for some of Collin's pictures, and the clouds made for an ideal lighting situation even in the middle of the afternoon. Collin and his family came prepared with several outfits, extra shoes (for walking across muddy grass) and an umbrella.

High school senior guy casual portrait on stairs
Senior pictures at Concordia Seminary

Collin played on the lacrosse team at Concordia, so he wanted to feature some of his lacrosse gear in his photos. I never knew much about lacrosse, but apparently the sport is gaining popularity throughout Indiana. Concordia started a lacrosse club a few years ago, and Collin was finally convinced to join last year, his junior year. He loved the sport and continued to play as a senior. It's an interesting sport, and apparently a lot of fun to watch!

Black and white portrait of high school lacrosse player

I'm so glad I got to work with Collin, and that the rain cooperated, holding off just long enough for us to get our session done. The ground was squishy and we had to dodge a few muddy puddles, but we got some great photos out of it! And now I think I'll have to look into checking out a lacrosse match or two. Thanks again, Collin, and best wishes for your graduation and beyond!

Male senior portrait outdoors on wooden bridge

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