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Kaitlynn and Quilts | Portraits in Fort Wayne, Indiana

In this blog post I get to do two things: I get to show off this fun portrait session, and I get to promote another one-woman small business! My sister-in-law Kaitlynn has been making handmade quilts for years, and recently decided to create a website and blog. So she asked me to take some portraits of her and some pictures of her quilts to be featured on the site. Her website is named Twisted Stitches, and I've linked to it a the bottom of this blog post.

These portraits were a lot of fun! I love featuring people in a way that shows off something that makes them unique. This shoot was a bit different than the senior portrait sessions I usually do. It was really my first opportunity to take pictures specifically for a website or blog (other than my own). We had worked together to put together the website and blog, leaving placeholders for pictures, and when we went out to do the session we had to keep in mind where these images were going to be featured on Kaitlynn's site.

She didn't end up using every picture from the evening. It would be a bit of overkill to feature that many pictures of yourself on one website. But since it was a relaxed session with someone I already knew, I got to experiment a bit. I'm still getting to know my newest lens, so this was a great opportunity to work on breaking it in a little more.

There aren't a whole lot of people who make quilts like these by hand anymore, but like Kaitlynn says on her website, it's a skill she learned from her grandmother years ago and now it's her favorite thing to do. And, her quilts are gorgeous!

Kaitlynn makes quilts for fun, and by request. She also makes T-shirt quilts (she's actually working on one for me right now), and quilted "accessories" like table runners and Christmas tree skirts. She has her own sewing room in her apartment, and it's basically full of fabric--some that was purchased for a particular project, and some pieces she bought just because she couldn't resist but plans to work into a project eventually.

If you are in the market for a new handmade quilt, or if you want a new festive tree skirt, get in touch with Kaitlynn! She's talented and friendly and passionate about her work. Visit her website, Twisted Stitches, for more pictures of past projects and information about what she does.

Bonus picture: Here's a behind-the-scenes picture of Kaitlynn brushing some dog fur off of one of the quilts she kept for herself before I photographed it. She and my brother have a bouncy golden doodle named Daisy, so a little bit of dog fur is sometimes inevitable.

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