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Product Feature: Image Folios | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

I wasn't completely sure what to expect when I ordered this product sample, but I was so excited when I finally got to see and hold it in person! It's even better than I thought it would be. Image folios are especially great for high school seniors, and are a unique, modern way to display your portraits.

These 5" x 7" hardcover image folios hold three or four of your favorite images. For graduates, the cover of your folio can feature one of your senior pictures, and your name, graduation year, or school name (or all three!)

Inside, you have space for two more pictures. The folio can stand up on a desk or shelf and display multiple images at once. The spine is a great place to put your name or graduation year. On the back, you can include a favorite Bible passage, or your senior quote.

This image folio is so much thicker and sturdier than I was expecting, which is great! The material has a really unique soft touch finish on it. The two halves are held together with a sturdy canvas fabric.

I selected image folios for my product collections specifically for high school seniors, but they're available ala carte for families too! Image folios are a low-maintenance way to display a few of your favorite images as a summary of your portrait session. They're like an updated version of those hinged picture frames at your grandma's house with pictures of your mom in them.

I used some pictures of my husband and me with his new car, and I have it sitting on top of our computer desk on display. It's hanging out right next to my college diploma, a picture of us at a wedding while we were just dating, and the model ship we got on our honeymoon.

Image folio and other mementos on display shelf

If you're in the class of 2019, it's not too early to start thinking about your own senior portrait session! I'm just an email away if you are interested in learning more about my senior sessions. I'm happy to answer any questions or send you a copy of my client guide!

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