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Places to Take Portraits in Fort Wayne, Part 2

I published a list of some of my favorite portrait locations in Fort Wayne before, but that was ages ago. I've done a lot more shooting since then, and I thought it's about time I put together a second list.

Headwaters Park

This little park right at the edge of downtown Fort Wayne has so much to offer. You could have more than one session in Headwaters Park and no two would have to look the same. Some of my favorite features of the park are its walkways and lampposts, the bridge over the river, and the open spaces where the Fort Wayne skyline is visible in the distance. Inside the park is a garden full of landscaping and wooded areas, but with a bit of an urban, downtown vibe.

Senior Pictures in Headwaters Park
Senior Portraits with Fort Wayne Skyline

And speaking of downtown...

Freimann Square (& Downtown Fort Wayne)

Just down the street from Headwaters Park is Freimann Square. This is the little courtyard area next to the art museum, with fountains in the summer and the statue of General Wayne. The reason I like this area is because of the way the city and courthouse appear behind it, and because it has some trees as well as proximity to brick walls that make great backdrops too. The underpass behind the art museum is right there too, which is like a staple location for Fort Wayne photographers.

Senior Portrait with Fort Wayne Courthouse
Senior Pictures Downtown Fort Wayne

Botanical Conservatory

The Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory is a cool place in general, but lately I've really loved it for portraits. One of the biggest benefits of this place is that it's indoors and warm all year round. (Especially the tropical garden!) There is so much depth to the plants and scenery that there are so many possibilities for portraits. Plus, there's a cool waterfall in the tropical garden that makes a neat prop.

Fox Island

I've always known about Fox Island, but I'd only ever been there once, years ago. But I was recently looking for new places for photo sessions, especially in the southwest Fort Wayne area, and remembered this little nature preserve. Olivia was kind enough to model for me this past fall and we discovered some lovely trails. This is a great place for portraits if you're looking for a wooded, outdoorsy look.

Again, this is hardly an exhaustive list! Fort Wayne and its surrounding areas have scenery ranging from urban to rural, from landscaped gardens to wild unkempt nature. I love exploring new areas and finding places that will bring out the personalities of my subjects.

Are you planning a portrait session? I photograph high school seniors and families in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'd love for you to visit my gallery to get some ideas for your own session! You can read about my session experience on my website, or just email me and I will send you my detailed client guide.

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