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Dear Senior

I am excited to announce that I am starting a personal photography project that will take the form of a portrait series. I call it the "Dear Senior" project, and you'll have to read on to see why!

In honor of this post, I'm sharing a couple of my own senior pictures from when I graduated from Concordia High School "way back" in 2010. My mom took these portraits for me throughout my senior year.

My senior year of high school was an exciting but uncertain time. I had a lot of good times with friends and in my extra-curricular activities (band and theatre), but at the same time I knew my friends and I would soon go our separate ways as we moved on to college.

I remember wondering if I was ready to “grow up,” and wondering if I was choosing the right college and the right major. I remember wondering if I was the only one who sometimes felt like I wanted to stay in high school just a little while longer, where everything was familiar. I think it would have helped, at least a little, if someone had told me they also felt the same way.

I think many young adults have a lot of wisdom to share with high school seniors who are currently where they were not too long ago. And I think many of them never share it because they’re never asked.

That’s the point of this project. I want to feature portraits of young adults as they share a piece of encouragement, solidarity, or advice they wish someone had told them during their senior year of high school. It can be anything related to the uncertainties of senior year, to the transition to college life, to everyday tips about staying on top of homework and household chores. Anything.

I think it will encourage high school seniors to hear from “everyday people” that they aren’t alone no matter what they’re struggling with, curious about, or looking forward to. And I think it will also encourage young adults to know that their achievements and successes matter regardless of their size, and that the things they've learned can help others.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see more of this project as I get it going, and follow my #DearSenior hashtag. If this project resonates especially with you and you'd like to participate, contact me to see how you can be a part of it!

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