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Sincerely, Krista | Dear Senior Portrait Series

My portrait series continues with a feature from Krista! We’ve known each other since high school, but didn’t really become good friends until about two years ago when I started working up in Auburn just down the street from where Krista works. Now we have monthly lunch dates and I’m excited to have Krista on the blog!

Spring portrait in Headwaters Park with flowering trees

While she was in high school, Krista went to school half-days and took classes online so she could focus her afternoons on figure skating. During that time she spent about 40 hours a week on her skating. She also worked at Journey’s selling shoes, and spent as much free time as possible enjoying her family’s lake house. After high school she went on to earn a business degree from IPFW.

Krista worked at Pine Valley Country Club as a server and food service manager while she was a college student. Most importantly she met her husband through her job at Pine Valley. But she also learned a lot about management and “adulthood,” and felt that her experiences there really prepared her for her career after college.

Simple outdoor portrait in the spring

Through figure skating, Krista learned about the value of hard work and the importance of family. She remembers being told that she was too tall to be a successful figure skater and encouraged to try something else, but now she is one of four senior level ladies in Indiana. She attributes her success to a lot of hard work.

“I learned I would always have the support of my family,” Krista says, “and I also learned that if you work hard enough, you can achieve dreams you never imagined.”

Portrait by the river in Fort Wayne

Now Krista works as a financial planner and advisor at a firm in Auburn, Indiana. She also recently got married, at Disney World!

Krista's portrait session took place at Headwaters Park in the middle of downtown Fort Wayne. We had to reschedule twice because of cold, rainy weather, but the weather the night of this photo shoot more than made up for it. It was warm with a slight breeze, and all the trees in the park were flowering at their finest. Headwaters Park was the picture of spring and it was a lovely evening to walk around and take some portraits.

Black and white portrait with sunglasses


“Many times, I was so stressed in high school. I was worried about homework, grades, my job, skating, etc. I even remember sleepless nights over whether or not I should get the Honors Diploma (which meant I would have to cut back on skating in order to attend class at Concordia). Now, I realize how little of that truly matters. That’s right. Unless you are trying to get into an extremely competitive college or program, most of what you do in high school doesn’t matter.

“Now, that is not me saying to goof off and get C’s and skip class. But it does mean you should enjoy your time as much as possible. High school is such an exciting four years of growth and the last time you will be able to have that within the safety of your own home and support system. Enjoy every minute of this. College will come with a much more intense set of expectations.”

Krista Schwartz Hall

Concordia High School Class of 2010

Spring portrait in Headwaters Park

This post is the fourth installment in my Dear Senior portrait series! You can check out the rest of the series under the Dear Senior category on my blog.

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