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Hope - Class of 2019 | Senior Pictures on the Farm

This one is definitely the most unique session I've ever done. My sister-in-law Hope is a senior this year, and her family lives out on a farm with all kinds of animals. In addition to three dogs and lots of barn cats, she also has horses, goats, chickens, and a rabbit. Hope's session took place out at the family farm so she could feature all her animals in her senior pictures.

Black and white portrait of young lady with horse

We actually rescheduled this session twice before we actually made it happen, once because of humidity and a heat index somewhere around 100, and then again because of chilly, drizzly weather. Just typical weather for Indiana in early fall. But when we finally did get to do Hope's session, the weather was almost perfect. We had warm evening light and just a little humidity.

We started out with a few pictures of Hope by herself before we added all the animals in. Her mom suggested some locations in the barn where we took some portraits with the authentic barn wood as scenery.

Senior portrait with barn wood wall
Senior portrait with flowering plants

Then we started featuring the various animals around the farm. One of our favorite images from the session features Hope with her quarter horse, Pocket. She actually received him when she won a contest through the Youth Quarter Horse Association back when she was a freshman and Pocket was just a colt. They've spent the past four years growing up and training together.

Senior portrait of young woman with horse

Two other horses live on the farm, and we even managed to get a picture featuring Hope and all three horses together. We actually got all of them to look at me at once, with some help from Hope's mom - no "Photoshop magic" here! Same goes for the shot of Hope with her farm dogs.

Young lady sitting with three horses
Portrait with three farm dogs

This was a fun session and definitely like one I've never done before. It was great to work with Hope, and a little hard to believe she's a senior in high school; I've known her since she was a first grader! She hopes to attend nursing school at Purdue next year. I'm obviously wishing her all the best as she finishes up her senior year and moves on to what's next!

Bonus: This is also the only session I've ever done where my subject was photobombed by a cat.

Senior portrait photobombed by barn cat

If you're hoping for your own senior portrait session, let me know you're interested and I'll send you all the information about what it's like to work with me!

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