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Daniel - Class of 2019 | Senior Pictures in Downtown Fort Wayne

This year I got to take senior pictures for my cousin Daniel. It made me feel a little old because I can still solidly remember the day he was born, and now he's getting ready to graduate from high school!

Downtown Fort Wayne senior portrait against brick wall

After rescheduling twice, we finally had a gorgeous night for Daniel's session. We went downtown to find some cool urban textures. I love all the brick walls and unique scenery around Calhoun Street. (Especially since we discovered that my other favorite spot on Columbia Street is torn up for construction.)

Senior guy portrait on downtown Fort Wayne sidewalk

Daniel has always been an athlete, like his older brother and sister, and has focused especially on basketball in high school. It's definitely not something we have in common, but I think it's pretty cool that my cousin is super good at basketball! He even has several offers from schools for next year.

Fort Wayne senior portrait with letter jacket
Fort Wayne senior portrait in letter jacket with brick wall

It was a perfect night to walk around downtown. And a nearby parking garage has a great view of the city from above. I had to conquer my fear of heights a little bit to get a few of these shots.

Senior pictures in Fort Wayne on top of parking garage
Portrait of senior guy with Fort Wayne court house

I'm so glad I got to do this session! It was fun to hang out with my aunt and my cousin for an evening and try out a few new places downtown. We got some great pictures too! Daniel is the youngest grandchild on my mom's side, so when he graduates it'll be like the end of an era. He's a cool guy, and I'm excited to see where he'll go and what he'll do next year when he moves on to college.

Black and white senior portrait in Fort Wayne alley

If you're graduating this year and hoping for a photo session of your own, I'd love to tell you more about my senior portrait sessions! Just send me a note and let me know you're interested.

Also, make sure to check out my Dear Senior portrait series. I'm featuring young adults who have gone on to all sorts of great things after high school as they look back and share something they wish they'd known during their senior year.

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