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Highlights of 2018 | Seniors, Families, and More

Happy New Year! I hope as you look back on your 2018, you find a lot of great memories. I recently re-read my end-of-year post from 2017 and I found myself thinking, "Wow, was this really only a year ago?" Since this time last year, I've gotten a new logo and started implementing some new things into my sessions, like prints and product collections.

I also launched my Dear Senior portrait series this spring! I am so excited about this ongoing project. It's been fun so far to connect with old and new friends and hear their perspectives on their high school experience and how it's influenced where they are now. I hope you'll check it out and find something in one of the articles you connect with -- especially if you're in your senior year of high school. The series isn't over so stay tuned for more!

Portraits from Dear Senior portrait series

High school seniors are my favorite subjects, and this year I got to work with three of them. In the spring I worked with Ethan, just before he graduated this year. And this fall I photographed my sister-in-law Hope and my cousin Daniel, who will both be finishing their high school careers in 2019.

Senior guy portraits in downtown Fort Wayne
Senior portraits in barn and with horse
Senior pictures with city and brick wall

Although I focus mostly on senior portraits, I was able to branch out a bit into family photography this year. I took portraits for the Stevens family, which was part of a Christmas gift the Stevens children got for their mom. This session also included a few engagement pictures of Jordan and JT. Then later I worked with the Zelt family, who needed portraits taken for their church directory and to display at home.

Family portraits in Headwaters Park
Summer family portrait in Fort Wayne

I took on a few special projects this year too. A co-worker from my "other" job performs music with his wife at venues around Indiana, and they wanted some images to use on their Facebook page, The Fleetwoods, to promote themselves as a band.

The Fleetwoods, guitar and percussion

Most recently, I photographed my own family. This quick photo shoot happened on Thanksgiving morning when it was about 28 degrees here in Fort Wayne, because that was the only time all 7 of us were free. Maybe I'll try to get us all together again in the spring or summer when the weather is better and we have more time, but for now I'm glad to have this picture of the whole family (including mom and dad). This one went in the Christmas cards this year.

Winter family group picture on bridge

I'm looking forward to seeing you all next year. In the meantime, I'm wishing you all a fantastic last few days of 2018 and a fabulous start to 2019!

P.S. Are you graduating next year or in 2020? Now is a great time to start thinking about your own senior session! Send me a message to let me know you're interested and I will respond with my handy client guide that has all the information you'll need to plan and book your session.

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