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Tips for Planning Your Spring Senior Session

January is basically the dead of winter, so thoughts of spring are probably the last thing on your mind right now. (Unless you're already counting the weeks till spring break.) But if you love the idea of having your senior pictures taken in the spring, or surrounded by new blooms and fresh leaves, now is actually the perfect time to start thinking ahead.

Spring sessions are a bit tricky to plan and schedule because of our temperamental Fort Wayne weather and because of the timing of most high school graduations. I've done this a few times so I have some tips that can help you plan for a spring senior session!

Portrait with waterfall at Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne

Spring is kind of an elusive concept, especially here in northern Indiana when the weather rarely does what it's supposed to do. For example, when you think of April, you probably think "April showers," gentle rain falling onto fresh grass, and buds that bloom when the warm sun comes out from behind the clouds. However, here I am on April 9th, 2018, when I discovered it had snowed (again) and I was going to have to scrape winter weather off my car before going to work.

Snow in April

Plan an Outdoor Session in May

Spring doesn't exactly show up on schedule around here. If you're graduating in late May or early June and want to have your pictures done ahead of time, you'll want to have them taken by the end of April. Chances are there won't be many (if any) fresh green leaves or blooming flowers by then. The weather might be mild and sunny, or it could be chilly and muddy outside.

Of course, I can work with you any time of year, in (just about) any weather situation! But if you're hoping to incorporate budding, flowering outdoor scenery, May is the best time of year for spring portraits. The trees around here tend to flower in early May (or very late April). Krista's portrait below was taken the first week of May last year, and you can see the trees blooming pink behind her.

Spring portrait in Fort Wayne

Depending on the timing of your graduation, a May session cuts it a bit close, so I actually suggest having your spring senior session take place at the end of your junior year. This might seem early, but there really is no wrong time to have your senior pictures taken!

Consider an Indoor Session at the Botanical Gardens

If having your portraits taken in May isn't going to work out for whatever reason, you can still get that "spring" look by scheduling your session at the Botanical Conservatory. There, it's spring all year long! You can have your pictures taken early in the year, in plenty of time for graduation, surrounded by flowers and greenery, and without having to worry about the weather.

Portrait at Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory

Feature Architecture in Early Spring

If neither of those options work for you, or if you're not concerned about having greenery in your photos, I can work with you in earlier spring too! And don't worry - your images won't be full of dead, dreary trees. Fort Wayne has a lot of cool architecture that we can use for scenery when there aren't any leaves or fresh grass. The portraits below were taken in March and April, when the scenery wasn't at its best.

Spring portrait with stone architecture

Spring senior portrait with brick downtown

Use a Summer Session to Capture a "Spring" Vibe

When you think of spring, you probably think of fresh plants, floral patterns, and cool green, while summer is brighter, warmer, and more vibrant. However, you can totally capture a spring look even if your senior session technically takes place during summer.

There are so many lovely parks and gardens around Fort Wayne with plenty of greenery and flowers. The only thing you'll really miss is the flowering trees. When picking your outfit, keep in mind that lighter, cooler colors and floral patterns tend to be associated with spring, while vibrant patterns and bold, warm colors give more of a summer look. Sara's session took place in August, but her light colored top and the bright colors around her make it look a little more typical of spring.

Summer senior pictures at Lakeside in Fort Wayne

These are some options to consider if you're thinking of having your senior pictures taken in the spring. If you're graduating this year, now is the time to start thinking about your session. And it's not too early to get in touch with me to make a plan and book your session date. Send me a note to get in touch and I'll take it from there!

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