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Sincerely, Langleigh | Dear Senior Portrait Series

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

It's been a while since I've had one of these to post and I'm super excited to feature Langleigh in my portrait series! I know Langleigh from church. She and my husband are in the praise band together so I've gotten to know her from being a "praise band groupie." Langleigh has a great singing voice and is always full of fun, positive energy.

Winter portrait outdoors with fence

We did Langleigh's photo shoot out in the country behind her house, in a cornfield in the snow. It was the first warm day after the polar vortex (and by warm I mean it was in the mid-30's). It was bright, sunny, and a nice break from the cold, even if the snow was melting and the roads were soggy and slushy.

Outdoor portrait with wooden fence

Langleigh graduated from Woodlan High School in 2008. She was involved in many different activities like student government, National Honor Society, softball, show choir, and campus life ministries. Looking back, she says show choir was probably her favorite part of high school. Being part of the choir really helped her with confidence and was overall an awesome experience for her.

Participating in Campus Life Ministries was also an important part of high school for Langleigh. She came from a Lutheran elementary school into a public high school, and loved that she was able to find a group of students who also loved God and wanted to keep Him at the forefront of their lives. "It shows that we all have something so amazing in common!" she says.

Portrait in snowy field in Indiana

Now Langleigh is the Family Ministries Coordinator at Concordia Lutheran Church & School, a member of the Sunday morning praise team, and president of the PTL. She is married with three beautiful children, and she loves to read, cook, and sing.


"I wish someone would've told me to slow down. High school went so fast then life just kind of spit me out into the real world. I wish I would've taken more time to just be in the moment rather than rushing to get out of there.

"Learn to love yourself. It doesn't matter what friendships you make, what extracurricular activities you do, how popular you are... at the end of the day, YOU are most important because when it's all said and done, YOU are who you have left to face. You have to find your worth and stay true to who you are!"



Woodlan High School Class of 2008

Black and white portrait near country road

My Dear Senior portrait series features young adults who have completed high school and moved on to "what's next." I've invited these young adults to look back and share something they wish they'd been told during their senior year. Check out all the other features on the Dear Senior page!

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