• Dani Eberbach

Why Take Senior Pictures? | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

In addition to having your picture taken for the school yearbook, many seniors decide to have their own personalized portrait session outside of "school picture day." If you're on the fence about whether or not to have professional senior portraits taken, read on to see some of the benefits of having your own senior session.

Celebrate your senior year and graduation

Let's get the most obvious reason out of the way first. Portraits are often taken to mark important milestones or accomplishments in someone's life. Presidents have official portraits made when they take office. Couples have portraits taken when they get engaged and when they get married. Parents have portraits taken in celebration of their child's birth and again at their first birthday. Your high school graduation is no different. Professional portraits are a great way to honor this important accomplishment and mark this time in your life.

You'll use them for everything

If you participate in a sport or extra-curricular activity, there will probably be some sort of banquet or event honoring the graduating class. Senior pictures are used in slide shows and programs at these fun events. They're printed on graduation announcements and graduation party invitations. It's also important to have a good picture of yourself if you're setting up a LinkedIn profile as you start thinking about applying for jobs or internships. It's nice to have some professional headshots ready whenever you need a nice picture of yourself so you don't end up trying to take your own at the last minute.

Your mom probably wants you to take them

As a mom, I know for sure that moms love pictures of their kids. My guess is your mom is no different. She'll probably want to get some prints for your grandparents, too.

It's fun!

I know not everyone loves being in front of the camera. Maybe you have bad memories of sitting in a cramped studio saying "cheese" for what felt like hours. I promise, your senior pictures will be nothing like that! Even if being photographed isn't really your "thing," think of your senior session as a chance to show off a bit. Wear your favorite outfit. Bring something meaningful to feature in your portraits. Pick a cool location. My senior sessions are low pressure and designed to let you look and feel like yourself, and my goal is for you to enjoy the experience!

You can learn more about my portrait sessions or view my seniors gallery, or just send me a message if you want to know more about working with me.